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About me

In the same way as the individual can not live without dreams, society can not stand without art. ~Dorinel Marc~

My name is Peter Enström and I am now 35 years old. I'm from Sweden and lives in a small house in the country.

I have no children, not even a cat. but I have been thinking about getting one recently :) ... a cat.

I have always been interested in art and design and as a kid I used to draw other images from comic books. mostly from Donald Duck. as everyone else of course :) Then when I started high school I focused on art and design and became an esthete. colored my hair red, had a pierced ear and wore an ugly leather jacket. 

After upper secondary school I started working with my father as a painter. he was an accomplished painter and learned me a lot about oil paints and many other good things about colors.

2010 I started another job in a factory.

More recently I have felt that I want to start painting, so in 2015 I started to paint pictures in my spare time again...

and here we are.

Paints mostly with pastels, oils and pencils. sometimes i test watercolors and also digitally.

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